Fertility Yoga

Whilst there has been little research into the direct effect of yoga on fertility, it is well documented that practising yoga reduces levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. It is also widely recognised by fertility experts that these hormones have a negative impact on fertility in both men and women.

Mamaste at One Yoga offers individually tailored yoga sessions incorporating gentle hatha flow, restorative practice and breathing and meditation exercises. This fertility yoga practice enhances blood flow to the reproductive organs, regulates the endocrine (hormone) system and settles the mind. Creating a sense of balance in the body and mind helps to provide the nurturing conditions necessary for conception.

We also offer talking therapy to those who are struggling to have a baby and are experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, depression or who may be grieving.

Yoga and therapy can be offered as individual sessions or to couples wishing to work together. Both can be beneficial as complementary therapies to those undergoing fertility treatment. Please contact me to discuss further.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is such a journey for all new mums, whether it your first time or you’ve had children before. It can be a wonderful time, but can also be a period of transition which may bring worries, pains, or other physical conditions. Practising pregnancy yoga has been shown to have many benefits including reducing stress levels, mobilising muscles and joints and preparing mummy with techniques for labour.

Mamaste pregnancy yoga classes incorporate gentle movement and stretches, with breathing exercises and relaxation, specifically designed to be safe and beneficial in pregnancy.

They are relaxed, fun and informal and provide a space for mummies to escape their day to day responsibilities and enjoy some time to focus on themselves and connecting with baby. There is also an emphasis on supporting each other and getting to know other local mums who are going through the transition to motherhood around the same time. There is no need to have any yoga experience. In fact, many mums come to yoga for the first time during pregnancy. The classes are suitable from 12-14 weeks gestation. For class times and locations click here.

Yoga Birth Workshops

No matter what your birth choices are, or the circumstances in which your baby is delivered, yoga techniques can help you to prepare for your little one’s arrival. In our yoga birthing workshops you can learn to use certain postures to promote optimal foetal positioning and to help your body to soften and open to allow baby to descend at the right time. You can also learn breathing techniques, relaxation strategies and postures to use during labour to ensure that you remain calm and in control of your own experience of delivering your baby. This can help labour to progress more smoothly, to reduce the chances of interventions being required and to make your labour as safe as possible for you and baby.

Yoga birthing workshops are designed for expectant mummies (usually in their third trimester) and their birthing partners. They are designed to enhance the learning from Mamaste Pregnancy Yoga classes and to ensure that birthing partners are as informed as mummies, in terms of the techniques and strategies covered in classes. The workshops are fun, practical and informal. Refreshments are provided and couples leave with a comprehensive information leaflet and some goodies too! Whether you are in a group or more individually-tailored format, these workshops will leave you feeling prepared and informed about how to make the most of the most memorable day of your lives.

Mother and Baby Yoga

Mamaste Mum and Baby Yoga classes incorporate yoga for both mummies and babies. The aim of the class is to provide a safe, relaxed and nurturing environment for new mums with a focus on recovery of the body after the stresses placed on it by pregnancy, birth and caring for a new baby. We also, however, place an emphasis on having some protected time for mummies to nurture themselves and develop skills in breathing and mindfulness – essential skills to get through the challenges of parenting!

The babies also benefit through the encouragement of connectedness between mum and baby, and we give them a session of baby yoga moves in the middle of the class too to give them a stretch and a relax. Whether you feel like you’re breezing through becoming a new mum for the first or subsequent times, or you feel like it’s overwhelming you, practising mum and baby yoga can bring all these benefits to you, your baby and the bond between you both. For class times and locations click here.

Talking Therapies

Becoming a mother is hard. Many women struggle with feeling overwhelmed by emotions (and exhaustion) through their journey into motherhood. This can be particularly likely when faced with circumstances such as struggling to conceive (whether it be your first or subsequent baby) or issues during pregnancy, delivery or the postnatal period and beyond. For those who have lost babies to miscarriage, stillbirth or in the first year, these feelings are likely to be the most painful you will ever have to experience. However, many women who are blessed with healthy babies can also find themselves feeling uncharacteristically sad or on edge or angry and can become consumed by feelings of guilt or shame.

Talking therapies can help women to better understand their emotions and what’s causing them to be so overwhelming and persistent. Through the process of therapy we can look to recognise patterns in the way we are thinking and feeling and learn new or alternative ways of approaching our experiences in order to feel more in control. It is often through sharing our thoughts and feelings in a safe, compassionate and focussed environment that we can begin to move forward and effect change.

Jane offers 1:1 psychological therapy for women or for couples experiencing any of the following:

  • Issues with conception / infertility
  • Miscarriage
  • Still-birth
  • Tocophobia (fear of giving birth)
  • Anxiety or depression occurring in pregnancy
  • Postnatal depression and / or anxiety
  • Relationship difficulties related to becoming (or struggling to become) parents
  • Post-traumatic Stress following traumatic labour

Therapeutic strategies offered include acceptance and commitment therapy, compassion-focussed therapy and mindfulness-based cognitive-behaviour therapy and are specifically tailored to suit you and your circumstances.

Contact Jane for more details or to arrange an initial consultation.